At the invitation of the Ministry of Education and proceeding from the importance to enhance the Arab national identity, Mohammad Al-mana College for Health Sciences (MACHS) organized a two-day event to celebrate the Arabic Language International Day. The organizing committee included Dr. Haytim Ismail, Dr. Wasfi Yaseen, Mrs. Zahra Al Salam and Mrs. Marnah Khaleefah. On the first day of the event, MACHS hosted a poetry reading by accomplished poet, Jasim Al Suhayyah, who was presented by Dr. Wasfi Yaseen. Following this, a talk on the significance of the Arabic language and its prestigious place among languages was delivered by Dr. Hayatem Ismail. The students of MACHS actively took part in this day event, as well. Among the student participants was Fatimah Al Faraj who read one of her poems. At the end of the first day event, Dr. Sana Al Mahmoud, Dean of MACHS, presented Jasim Al Suhayyah with an honorary shield. On the other day of the event, Awaid Al Subaie and Nawaf Al Baidhani, who are specialists in the Arabic literature, were invited to deliver a lecture on the importance and the history of the Arabic language. This was followed by a series of questions and discussions from the attentive audience. Other interesting activities and entertainment programmes by the students were also included in the event. At the end, Dr. Yossef Al Hashem honoured the organizing committee and participants with the shields.