Bridging in Bachelor of Science in Nursinghttp://

  • The bridging program graduates more qualified nurses to meet the rapidly changing needs in health care. it also provides the opportunity for diploma graduates to upgrade to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing level. The duration of Bridging Diploma to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is about two and a half years with 6 months of internship





Bridging in Bachelor of Science in Pharmacyhttp://

  • Pharmacy bridging program at Mohamed Almana College for Medical Scinces is best designed for Pharmacy diploma graduates to provide knowledge, skills and abilities which meet expectations of the stated educational outcomes for the Bachelor degree.




Bridging in Bachelor Science of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

  • Bridging program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences is dedicated to diploma holders in the same specialization and extends for two to two and a half years spreads over four to five semesters. During the period, students study 79 credit hours followed by internship period of six months at a teaching hospital to be awarded bachelors degrees in the specialty.