Library Services & Facilities

Users Services

Library Users Services: 

1.    Circulation Services

      Library users are eligible to borrow textbooks and references for the semester. Borrowing and renewing of borrowed materials can be done online provided that the book in question is not held by somebody else.

2.    Reference Services

     The library staff guide the users in accessing a wide range of library information resources and services. The library also provides faculty with information packages containing documents and result lists retrieved from different resources.

3.    E- library Services

     This is available for all library users and it allows them to access e books, database subscriptions and other references .Users can easily access to the library catalog and search for items online.

4.    Orientation Services

      Library orientation is conducted every start of semester and library users are instructed in using e-library.

5.    Computers and Internet Services

     Available to all users for research and studies.

6.    Photocopying and Printing Services

     Library users can photocopy or print at least 10 pages of their research.

7.    Current Awareness Services

      a.    Regularly updated website.

      b.    Useful, dynamic library website that provides 24/7 access to sources and services.

      c.    Post  library hours in the website and entrance.


Technical Services

Technical services are the processing and maintenance activities of a library’s collections and all the behind-the-scenes duties that keep the library running:

1.    Selection and Acquisition of library materials.

2.     Procedures in the selection and acquisition.

3.    Accessioning.

4.    Library Classification Scheme.

5.    Descriptive Cataloging Listing of bibliographic elements from a book (author names, title, publisher, date of publication, ISBN, etc.).

6.    Subject Cataloging Classifying and assigning subject headings for all the books in the shelves.

7.    Putting all library information in MACHS Library website.


Library Facilities

 MACHS provides the following Library Facilities & Services to students, faculty and staff of the college:

1.    Furniture: The library provides patrons with tables, chairs and flexible study space, private or semi-private, for individual   and group study.

2.     Computers & Internet: The library provides patrons with computers and free network.

3.    Photocopier & Scanner: These facilities are available for library patrons. Payment mechanism for students is applied (coupon).

4.    Smart Board & Projector:  Available for any activity conducted in the library.

5.    Head phones: The library provides headphones for the patrons using an audio.

6.    Wi-Fi : Available for all library patrons.