Semester Month Date Event / Activities
Research Semester1 June 01/06/2016 -30/06/2016 1st Research proposal Submission
September 27/09/2016 Journal Club
October 17/10/2016 - 18/10/2016 Subject to SCFHS approval CME 1st “Health Sciences Research Symposium”
Research Ethics & Ethics issues in Research Raising the question: Hypothesis development Critical appraisal of literature: best practices Research methods (quantitative vs. qualitative) Study design & Research Sampling Trends in data analysis: Data Mining Getting your research published
Workshop “Hands on Research”
Study design and research tools Writing proposals for grant funding & Writing for publications.
December 14/12/2016- 15/12/2016 Subject to SCFHS approval CME “ SPSS Without Tears Course”
Opening SPSS and data file in SPSS. Preparing chart output. Generating summary statistics Recoding quantitative variable into categorical Preparing SPSS template and data entry Recoding variables Transformation of variables Computing new variables Two Samples Independent t-test Paired Samples t-test Analyzing data using analysis of variances ANOVA Analyzing data using non-parametric methods Analyzing categorical data using Chi-square, RR, OR Correlation and Linear Regression Analysis Logistic Regression Analysis
Research Semester2 January 01/01/2017- 30/01/2017 2nd Research proposal Submission
February 23/02/2017 Journal Club
March 30/03/2017 CME (Internal activities) “The Need to Improve Quality of Nursing Care, Patient’s safety and Evidence Based Practice in Saudi Arabia”
April 27/04/2017 CME (Internal activities) “Scientific medical writing publication”
May 25/05/2017 Journal Club
June 29/06/2017 CME (Internal activities) “Proposal development for medical studies”
Research Semester3 August 24/08/2017 Journal Club
October 19/10/2017 CME (Internal activities) “Social media in medical field”